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      keysight E8257D E8267D PSG Signal Generators


      Test With the Highest Quality Signals

      The Keysight PSG signal generators are the industry’s most trusted microwave signal generator, with thousands of units used by engineers across the globe. With world metrology-grade performance and evolving capabilities across RF and microwave frequencies, the PSG signal generators enable new designs to stay ahead of emerging threats.

      • Test advanced receivers with realistic wideband radar, electronic warfare (EW), and SATCOM waveforms up to 44 GHz
      • Use flexible, integrated 80 MHz AWG, real-time and baseband generator to stimulate cellular, wireless, GPS and custom communications
      • Exercise advanced EW, radar, and satellite systems with Signal Studio, a vector PSG, and a wideband AWG for up to 2 GHz bandwidth
      • Test phased-array systems and direction-finding receivers with multiple phase-coherent signals generated by linking up to 16 vector PSGs
      • Address the demanding needs of Doppler radar, ADC, and receiver-blocking tests with extremely low phase noise
      • Test your DUT with the highest quality signals-the PSG combines metrology-grade frequency and level accuracy with excellent distortion and spurious characteristics